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Updated! I hope for all our sakes he's better at baseball than MMA! Any runner will obviously be going to him first so he'll have to be a good fielder with quick reflexes to catch throws and stop plays, and teams will often put their power hitters in the corner positions (first and third, right field and left field), something to keep in mind when putting him together.

Speaking of updates, I wanted to note that this isn't just restricted to the first nine people to post. Baseball teams generally have a lot of players to work with, for purposes of positional depth - if you only have one guy who can play first base, what happens if he gets sick or injured or can't play on a given day? The starting lineup are the nine guys playing on a given day, and teams seem to often have a first string that are usually the starters, but substitutions and such are a thing. For example, look at these lists for the New York Mets, as well as these rosters for actual high school teams in the area (or at least the division Kingman's schools seem to be in for 2015). As you can see, there's room to put people in without worrying too much about room, and we can always hash out who's generally starting where among ourselves (or I guess assume the first nine to sign up are the usual starting lineup); plus, if you'd rather your guy be more of a backup player, the option is there.
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