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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Ciel. Cieeeeeeeeel. Hi :3 I'mma throw things at your face now, okay? Cool, okay.

On D.J. Jazzy Jeff

Alex and Jacob probably don't hang with her much.

Ulysses and The Weeb could be pretty close, I think. He's the tabletop/roleplaying guru of Cochise and a big part of the animu club, so they'd be around each other a ton. He probably teases her a bit, but in a friendly way, and I could see them getting along well.

Abby and Jazzy could be friendly as well. Their interests don't align as much, but Abby likes friendly people and doesn't mind her lack of boundaries or social cues, plus she bakes a ton and I feel they could bond over delicious cookies shaped like animu characters. yes yes maybe?

On the other hand, Ty's gonna haaaate her. The boisterous, annoying lack of boundaries is enough to set him on edge, but Ty despises tumblr SJW types for being(in his mind) condescending and out of touch as all fuck. She'd probably be one of his reactive bullying targets.

On Scout's Code

I feel like there could be some one-sided hate for Alex from her? He's a popular, try-hard dude who doesn't fit into her niches, so I think she'd dislike him. He probably doesn't think much of it.

Weirdly enough, I think Jacob and Scout could be bestest goddamn friends. Jacob isn't into a lot of her stuff, but they both hate dealing with people, and they're both anti-bullies, and they're both quiet, grumpy, slacker types when it comes to school and class, so I could see them hanging out and having lunch together and stuff.

Ulysses and Scout probably know each other, since she's into video games and he's a local streamer? Not sure whether she hates him or not because he's a joker and a slacker and a stoner and generally just kinda doesn't give a fuck. As an out of shape, openly gay super nerd I feel like there's a chance he's seen some bullying so they may know each other through her trying to shut shit down.

Ty and Scout probably grump at each other a lot. He's a bully, in his way, and he doesn't people well, so I could see them having an antagonistic relationship.

On Ashley

Alex is both a drama kid and one of the members of the baseball team, so I feel like they'd know each other in passing and be friendly?

Probably not much for Jacob and Ty with this one. Mostly just ignoring her if she tries to be friendly, though Jacob would probably be polite and respond, just not enthusiastically.

Abby and Ashley could be okay friends, just because she has connections to the theater crew and Abby's an outgoing person who likes having friends.

Ulysses is a giant stoner. They'll get along just fine.

On Jaylen

Jaylen and Alex would definitely know each other well, and he'd be...friendly but kinda really hate her because she's nosy and he doesn't like his affairs looked into. Their relationship would turn icy fast if she couldn't keep that curiosity under control around him while they work together on the council. He'd actively undermine her in a bid for president, since he'd rather work with almost anyone else at this point, and he has other close friends in the council game that he'd prefer to prop up.

Jacob probably doesn't like her, she's nosy and pious and annoying, but he doesn't say much.

Ulysses thinks she's a giant joke and takes every opportunity to make fun of her because it amuses him, and there's basically nothing she can do to him that won't just make him laugh harder.

Abby is great with animals, given her mom's business and her few million pets, but Jaylen might be someone she doesn't like very much. She tries to be open and friendly with everyone, and she comes from a fringe side of Christianity, so they'd clash a fair bit on world view.

Ty hates her. Views her as the kind of needy, judgmental bottom feeder that thinks too much of herself and gets everything handed to her. There'll definitely be some sparks between these two.

On Piers

Alex and Piers would get along real well. Alex is a connections guy who thrives on hooking people up with favors and they could probably do well by each other. We should rap about these two whenever we've got a sec in chat, I think there could be some big stuff here.

Is Piers a big reader? Jacob is in the book club, so they could know each other there.

Ulysses and Piers seem like they could be buds. They're both performers, Ulysses is hooked into the music scene, and he's always looking for a way to score munchies.

Ty might actually like this one as well. Probably not close friends, but he can dig it, maybe he sees a show every once in awhile.

I can't think of much between him and Abby, other than general bubbly friendliness. Maybe they've jammed together, at some point? She's always looking for people to play music with, and his band name would tickle her.
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