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Apr 5 2015, 03:30 PM
Mar 15 2015, 05:56 AM
Could you pleeeease do something special IC, due to it being the 10th anniversary of SOTF IC? Like a throwback to old versions and references to them?
No promises, but we're aware and will see what we can do!

What about OOC? We're getting pretty close to the ten year date (it's a bit over two months away).

Apr 5 2015, 03:30 PM
The Burned Handler
Mar 15 2015, 01:10 AM
Can characters connected to past versions - say, graduates of Barry Coleson or something - appear in Meanwhile as long as they have no connection to the Cochise High kids?
The current plan is for V6 Meanwhile to follow the model of V5's, in which case the answer would be yes with a few provisions. You would not be allowed to write characters created by or tied to other characters created by someone else without their permission, would not be allowed to write important public figures without staff permission, and would not be allowed to create surviving classmates of deceased students without staff permission (so you could have a Barry Coleson graduate from the year before or after the V1 kids, but to have one from the same year would need to be okayed by staff).
Would this include characters drawn up or mentioned by myself during v1, or likewise in other versions? Also, define "important public figures" - where's the dividing line? Presumably writing the President is out, but otherwise?

Cochise is fairly close to the historic downtown district. The bulk of the locations for pregame will be fictional, but there will be a general Around Town board which can encompass any real locations. We prefer for the iconic pregame locations to be fictional to better distinguish our game from the RL Kingman (specifically because it could get a little creepy to any residents who might find our site otherwise).

If creeping people out is a concern (understandably so) why not just make a fictional city like v2's Denton or v3's Highland Beach? Not that I have any strong objection - I've grown a bit attached to Kingman after all this research I've had to do! Still, it would definitely eliminate the worries about real life residents finding the site and feeling uncomfortable. And relevant to this, with its fictional locations how much is Kingman planned to deviate from its real life counterpart? In a place like Seattle you had more than enough room to make stuff up, but somewhere so much smaller like Kingman is any change would be pretty big/noticeable. Put down something like a shopping mall or whatever and suddenly it's a really different landscape (though there is currently a debate in RL Kingman about building a mall, so).

Our current plan is red and gold (though this, as with all else, is subject to change until Pregame goes live).

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