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Mar 24 2015, 10:19 PM
Based on the re-writes I'm doing for Alex, I'll put him in for consideration for catcher. It seems like the position he'd most likely angle for and suit him best, since he's at his top game when he's a defensive, overarching position. He's played for a long time and baseball is how he maintains tentative peace with his uncle, so he's pretty knowledgeable about the game. I'm only casually familiar with the sport but I'm throwing in hard on research for him anyway because I'm an obsessive nut. If the team'd prefer somebody else in that position, that's cool too, since it's an important one, just seems to be the best fit for him so far.
One thing I'd say to note well is the catcher is the most physically demanding position in baseball, them or the shortstop. Make sure Alex is someone who could handle the strain, especially since a lot of catchers end up developing knee problems down the road.
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