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Kingman seems like a pretty old school Americana kind of place, and what's more American than baseball? Especially since Kingman's real high schools seem to have some pretty good ballplayers, and the American pastime has something of a history in SOTF as it is. Cochise already has a few team members, so I thought having a one-stop shop thread would be a good way to organise who's where, figure out team dynamics and for people to express interest in joining up! While there's nine dudes on the field at a given point on the team, don't feel too pressured, because there's other roles needed after all. If you're interested in putting a guy on the team, follow the format here, name – handler name – position in mind.

Like Sansa did with the cheerleading thread, it'd probably also be cool to jot down known associates of the team.

Current Members:

Crisanto Luz – TBH – Starting pitcher
Cristobal Morales – backslash – Second baseman
Morgan Jones – Pippin – ???
Tony Lambert – Fiori – Shortstop
Alex Darby – DuckyB – Catcher
Jerry Fury (Who? :P) – MK Kilmarnock – First baseman
Gary Merlino – MurderWeasel – ???
Meryl Weaver - Namira - Starting pitcher
Irene Djezari - CicadaDays - Reliever
??? - Bro - ???
??? - yugi - Third baseman


Other positions needed:
-More fielders; even if all the infield positions fill up, we'll need people who can play backup and stuff.
-More starting pitchers; your typical baseball team has a five man rotation, to allow its pitchers to get enough rest between games, and high school baseball has mandatory rest periods for its pitchers, because pitching is actually super hard on your arms
-Relief pitchers; the guys in the bullpen waiting to pick up after the starter if he starts underperforming, getting tired, whatever
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