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Okay, so after a period of time far longer than I originally envisaged I managed to condense the ideas I had into a coherent summary. If it won't fly or needs to be revised for whatever reason, let me know and I'll get straight on it.

Eri Akita: Though she'd be unlikely to use the term herself, Eri is the image of an archetypical geek. Her main interests include reading, tabletop gaming and cosplay, and she doesn't really give a toss if anyone else thinks she's weird because of it. Whilst not antisocial, her oddly archaic style of dress and rather subdued personality give off this impression, and she doesn't make much of an effort to challenge it. There is a reason for her apparent lack of vitality, however - at age 13, she began to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, curtailing her physical acivity and forcing her to take a year off school. It was whilst she was bedridden that she started to develop her geekier hobbies, engrossing herself in worlds of fantasy to distract herself from her own situation. Her symptoms have since abated to the point where she can attend school (if not PE lessons) and function mostly normally, but she's still quick to tire after even the most minor of exertions. At school, Eri tends to drift towards people with interests similar to her own. Usually she's quite reserved, only opening up to people after she's known them for a while. She has quite a dry, sarcastic sense of humour and isn't afraid to let it loose on anyone she feels deserves it. As her name might imply, she's of Japanese descent (with a Japanese father and a British mother) but was born in the States and has lived in Arizona for most of her life.
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