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Mar 12 2015, 08:27 PM
They take me quite a while, but I don't art in a very focused manner. I'll do it while watching TV, or on the tram or whatever, just as something to do, so it's really no trouble.

Again, thank you all so much for the really lovely feedback.
That's neat, thanks for the answer Frogue. :]

I think I better throw in now with your drawings before your line gets too long (as with all art threads here as you may have seen, haha) since there are already starting to be requests for seconds kids by others. Hope you stick around for the long haul with the full games as well, dude/gal (sorry, I don't know your gender) and enjoy your time here on the boards.

Usually, I don't ask any artist to draw any of mine, because I legitimately feel like a bother and just keep away from everything, til they get freed up or something. I've actually not had any of my SOTF kids drawn by anyone since, my friend/cuz Violent Medic had drawn my TV boy, Shawn Morrison, in this post here. Well, it was more than 2 Years Ago + I never did save the picture, nor has anyone put it on the mini site wiki and it's probably gone forever, so now I don't have any. :-/

So I figured that enough time has passed for me to be eligible to ask for an artist to draw one of my others? I've decided to subscribe to the Frogue Model. X)

Frogue, I think the kid I pick as a polite request for your interpretation is, my V5 Kyran Dean. Appearance section first paragraph is physical features, like stitch lip (you can draw the stitches) stuff + 2nd paragraph is his clothes on abduction day. I mean, whenever you want to that is, no rush or anything bro/sis. I promise not to ask again, till I actually get some kids approve for V6, which will probably be a long while from now. XP

P.S: If there's any brand that's too difficult to draw, you can replace with the word "Whatever", since that's his well known 'catchphrase'. The diamond supply stuff is on the t-shirt itself rather than the sleeveless jacket which is just dark gray. Boxers or tank don't need to show. ^_^;

PM me if anything in the profile isn't clear, because I'm sure there are some parts I wasn't very clear at describing? : /

Cheers and thanks for offering to draw all these. ♥
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