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So to codify some of the stuff we talked over in PM:

Crisanto and Emma are related, though how closely is a ??? at the moment since the Luzzes are a bigass family. We didn't really talk much about how close they might be or how he gets on with your others though. If you do that Naft challenge you got he'd be Cris' teammate though.

Emma knows and gets on well with both Kaylee and Rod, though she buys into Kaylee's bad rep and the rumours around her a bit and is maybe a bit intimidated by Rod, especially given how publicly he dumped Ivy. We suggested she might know Curtis sort of by association, as well as maybe runins during orchestra stuff.

We said Curtis would know Junko from anime club and Junko'd appreciate his efforts to keep creepy weeabooish shit out of the club. Also that she'd buy weed from him on a casual basis. We also noted his more right wing upbringing could cause a hurdle, since he's been recently trying to grow out of certain prejudices he was raised with. Something that occurs to me is maybe for the life of him he can't really understand what the hell the difference is between being bi and being pansexual. We didn't really get into how she'd know my others though.
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