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Ooo, I quite like this style: some very vivid characters you have there.

I can't help but request Vanessa in the style if you'd be up for giving her a shot:

Vanessa has long, hair that's dyed to be dark with light red tips that reaches her shoulders and is wavey, if not outright messy. She has a square shaped face, with rounded brown eyes that often sport mascara and a button nose, as well as a thin mouth with a stud piercing to the right and a short chin.

Vanessa has a slim build and typically wears tank tops with band logos on the front that expose her midriff and favours a lot of arm decorations, such as charm bracelets and spikey wristbands. She also sports a choker styled like a collar. She likes to wear hot pants and shorts that in general show off her legs, along with long boots that come up to just below her knees.
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