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Hey, everyone. With V6 on the horizon, staff has decided to host a Q&A thread. Here, handlers can ask questions about pregame and the upcoming version. We’re hoping we can share some exciting things about V6, while also addressing handler questions and concerns and providing useful information.

So if you have any questions or just want to know a little bit more about what the plan is for Pregame and the next version, this is the place for you! Please note that V6 proper is still very much in the development stages, and as such we will likely not be sharing too many specifics. The more pregame-centric the question, the better the odds we'll be able to handle it. Also, all answers will be vetted by staff as a collective, and thus will probably take three to five days to arrive.

Also, please note that answers are subject to change as the pregame/planning situation develops. The replies here represent staff's current plans, but those may be altered and/or incomplete.

Have at!

-The SOTF Staff
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