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So there's a good chance I may join v6 after all! So far I have two three fine ladies that would love to be your friend. Or enemy. Or love interest. Or whatever you can see!

I might add their relationships in this post later on, but for now, here's what I wrote about them in the concepts thread copypasta'd, plus cliffnote-versions!

Emma Aguilar Luz- I was working on her, and then remembered that I was planning on making a Luz. So she's a Luz now, yay!

Emma is a bookish girl, who loves reading and studying. I'm thinking that she might know how to play the piano as well. She's generally pretty studious and academic-focused. I'm also thinking that she might be on the student council?

Ems' parents identify as preppers, and growing up Emma has been familiar with the basics of surviving a disaster. When she was younger she would often go on camping trips with them, and while she doesn't as often she still does on a few occasions. At some point, she was also enrolled in self-defense classes, at least partly as a response to the SOTF terrorist attacks. However, the thing that mainly interests her is first aid, and while she's not a substitute for a doctor she knows a lot of information about it.

Starting from her early teens Emma has experienced medical symptoms such as drowsiness during the day, muscle weakness, and sleep paralysis. While at first she thought it was stress, she was eventually diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexic symptoms, and prescribed medication for it. At first Emma tried not to tell anyone about her diagnosis out of fear that it would impact how people see her, but nowadays tends to tell people about it as early as possible so that they know what to do if she's having symptoms. Emma has been concerned about whether her health problems would effect her life later on, but tries her best to get past it. In addition, it's made her a little health conscious; she exercises regularly at the local fitness club and rarely, if ever, eats junk food. On campus she has a few accommodations for her condition.

At school, Emma is well-liked due to her generally being friendly and knowledgeable. She's, as I said, bookish, but extroverted. Ems' is a bit on the cautious side, as a result of growing up with a prepper background as well as her condition. As you might suspect, she tends to make friends with other academically inclined people. I imagine she has a bit of an ambitious side to her, and is driven to succeed. As for her relationship to the rest of the Luz family, I imagine she'd be generally close to them.

Cliffnote Version
- One of the Luz kids. I'm trying to keep it open so that I won't step on any other Luz ideas.
- Academically focused; likes reading and studying.
- Plays piano?
- On student council.
- Parents are preppers; while she does know self-defense and basic survival skills, the main thing she's good at is first aid.
- Diagnosed with narcolepsy. As a result, she tends to be more health-conscious.
-Well-liked among her classmates, especially the more academic crowd. Also one of the nicer members of the popular crowd.
-Nice and friendly, though cautious.

Junko Kurosawa- In some ways she's changed, and other ways she's the same as before. Junko is, has, and always will be an adrenaline junkie. As a kid she and her friends ended up watching Jackass, and attempted to come up with their own stunts. Naturally, that was put to a stop quickly. As a teen, she practices parkour/freerunning, rollerblades, and is on the track team. If it involves getting your blood pumping, as a general rule Junko will be right there the second you even suggest it. Overall, she's a tomboyish girl with an adventurous and thrill-seeking personality.

Junko is the adoptive daughter of a lesbian couple, and personally identifies as pansexual. She tends to be sensitive about LGBT issues, and as a result of growing up in a more conservative town she has a tendency to become defensive and cranky due to people reacting negatively to her family and their choices, especially since she tends to be more liberal in general.

Aside from her adrenaline junkie antics, she has a few "geeky" ones. Junko likes cartoons (both Western and anime), comic books, and video games. Her favorites tend to be more of the "action" flavor; think things like Dragonball Z, fighting games, or superhero comics. Though, now that I think of it, it makes sense that she likes a few horror games as well.

As mentioned before, she's on the tomboyish side, and more athletically inclined in general. Junko's a bit prideful and a bit of a show-off, though as I said, she tends to have a bit of a temper, both about her family and about things in general, At school, she's a bit of a procrastinator, and while not necessarily a slacker she occasionally has to be reminded about upcoming due dates for projects. Otherwise, though, she gets decent grades consistently. Junko's close to both of her mothers, perhaps to the point of being a "mommy's girl".

Cliffnote Version
- Adrenaline junkie. Early antics inspired by Jackass, but nowadays gets her dose in more healthy ways (parkour/freerunning, track, and rollerblading).
- Is officially on the track team, as that parentheses suggests.
- Adoptive daughter of lesbian couple; close to both of her mothers.
- Identifies as pansexual
- Is sensitive about LGBT issues as a result, and is one of the people with more liberal leanings in general.
- Likes video games, animation, and comic books. Tends to prefer more action-focused works.
- Prideful, a bit temperamental.
- Procrastinator.

Jennifer Wallace- Jennifer is an aspiring journalist, and part of the school newspaper. Like Ems, she is more on the academic side. However, she's fairly introverted. Jennifer's not by any means a loner, but more someone who can come off as cold and quiet to people who don't know her very well. While she tends to dress in a somewhat vintage/retro feminine style, she's actually a bit more tomboyish than she looks; she prefers to make friends with boys, and in her spare time she enjoys urban recreation.

She also enjoys painting and photography; while she prefers photography more, she paints a ton too. Sometimes Jennifer takes pictures of her ventures into urban exploration, and, while she doesn't post them online or show them off, uses them as a reference for her paintings. I'm currently thinking that she's the type that would be interested in adventures to the ghost towns around Kingman, and perhaps maybe hiking in the mountains? She also likes to read, with a preference towards mystery novels. While she doesn't admit it, she still has her Nancy Drew novels from when she was a kid, even though her tastes have matured. She also likes watching movies, generally older classic or arthouse-y. General rule: if it's appeared on Brows Held High, there's a decent chance she's seen it.

As I said before, she's a bit introverted and hard to get to know, but she's polite, if a little snarky. She can get a little nitpicky and finicky at times, but she at least tries to voice her criticisms in a polite way. Jennifer is a good student, and is dead set on her becoming a journalist.

By the way, she has a horrible caffeine addiction. She drinks around three cups of coffee a day, possibly more when she's working hard overnight. When she doesn't get her fix, she gets irritable and has headaches.

Cliffnote Version
- Aspiring journalist, part of the school newspaper
- Academically focused.
-While she dresses in a somewhat feminine vintage/retro way, she is tomboyish.
- Likes urban exploration, and may be up for hiking and ghost town visits.
- Likes painting and photography, though more so for photography.
- Watches older and/or arthouse-y films.
- Introverted and a little quiet, but she's polite. She can get snarky and finicky, but she tries to stay polite.
- Has a horrible habit of drinking a lot of coffee.

Got any ideas? Post them here!

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