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The Burned Handler
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"Get in, we're driving until we hit ocean."

Kingman is located pretty close to some nice destinations in the Southwest and California, so once kids are able to drive around trips up to Phoenix, Flagstaff, etc. probably happen a lot. That, and the inherent adventurousness to the idea of just getting in the car and driving off wherever, made me think - why not have a big ol' road trip as an event in pregame? Could be during the spring break, or built up to and carried out later in pregame over the course of a weekend or something. Destinations, how the thread or threads would be carried out, etc. are all things we can hammer out as things go but initial thoughts on the "where" of it all is a route like this 'un, go up to Las Vegas for a little then head on down to LA and stay there for a couple days or whatnot. Obviously methods, specific destinations, etc. will depend on how many people go and everything - if enough people sign on it might be more of a convoy than one car or RV - but it's just an initial thought. Still, road trip! Should be a really interesting opportunity for shenanigans and character-building in the Southwest, and everyone's invited to hop aboard, so who might be interested? We might want to figure out specifics as to roles, too, like if some characters would prefer to do the driving, who's taking care of food or the maps, who carries toll and gas money, stuff like that.

* One or more of mine (Rod, Kaylee, Curtis, Brian, etc.)
* Ulysses (Doc; weed, snark, D&D)
* Marco (Yugi; peppiness)
* Conrad (RC; backup driver if needed)
* Danny (Medic)
* Fiyori (Bik)
* Nadia (Laur)
* Dante (Fenris)
* Cassie (Will)
* Samuel (Aloha; food)
* Frederick (Random; backup driver)
* Abby (Doc; cookies, designated cop-talk-toer)
* Junko (Kami)
* Bradley (Goose; designated horrible person)
* Asher (Naft; driver?)
* Lee/Cherry (Mara)
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