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What Naft said. This is right off the top of my head having just got back from class stuff, so I'll think more on it and either discuss it with you or just edit in stuff later when I've thought more. I could see my first two, Brian and Roderick Kanuho (Navajo wrestler guy) getting along with both of them - they're pretty popular, at the very least in the "everyone knows of them" way, but would be pretty annoyed at any toadying. Kanuho might simultaneously respect Rhiannon's blunt nature and occasionally be a bit irritated by it - both guys would at least appreciate the honesty. Because of his rather nasty breakup with Ivy, that could be a sticking point between him and Rhiannon though. He's a senior but could be an ex of hers if you like, same for Brian, or maybe even a current fella with a bit of a distant relationship like you said, though that's more likely for B than K; most likely, any split was reasonably amicable. Something to play with if Kan is an ex of hers could be the possibility his contempt for Kingman and sort of obsessive attitude towards his training hindered the relationship. Note however that I might save Brian for v7, I'm not so sure a lot of what I've thought of for him fits the location, though it'd fit pretty well with thematic ideas I had in mind to play with; if I don't use him I'll make a new concept from bits of the framework I had set up and swap 'em in with him, similar enough in some respects to not totally screw over anyone who set up relationships with him. Neither'd be open to romantic involvement with Graciela though - for obvious reasons they'd think being with a freshman as seniors would be really creepy! If I think up a junior that'd be a maybe though - I plan to go into pregame with more characters than I plan to take onto the island, and decide who goes into the game proper as we come upon the start of v6. Also, Kaylee Lytton, the third of my initial concepts, is really pretty and also sorta in the popular crowd (fringe-ish I think) so could be a target of admiration/envy.

For Rochelle, I'll have to think on it a bit because they don't strike me as the types where she'd be immediately on their radar, let me know if anything comes to mind for you from these writeups or anything. Brian - or whatever I replace him with - would probably notice the signs of overwork and there'd be that bond of similar plights going on since he also pushes himself to the breaking point. I dunno if any of mine do tabletop stuff, I'd have to think on it, but any of the three could hang out with her and play video games and stuff. Bonus points for the idea that Roderick is a super awesome wrestler, but is about as crap at fighting games as he is good at actual fighting, and thus routinely gets his arse handed to him. Maybe she's tried to sell him on giving the tabletop stuff a try but he just doesn't get it?

Some primers on my current not-Brian concepts since they don't have full posts on them yet. First two put in pastebins because they actually got pretty long:

Roderick Kanuho

Kaylee Lytton (writeup soon; Rod took me like six hours! I'm taking a break for a bit!)

Curtis Weldon (working name for now): So far the only concept of mine who's a white dude (unless I suddenly decide he's actually a dudette). Anime buff, powerlifter... drug dealer?! Raised in a pretty far right household but is starting to become more socially aware and, while still weighed down by some of the family prejudices, is slowly trying to broaden his perspective as sort of rebellion. Being groomed to follow dad's path in life but doesn't know if he particularly wants to. Dad might himself be involved in the drug trade and that could be why Curtis deals. Haven't decided how he gets his product but I do have one idea I'm floating by staff currently. He's Naft's Trevor's direct competition and probably undercuts Trevor by pricing his stuff very slightly cheaper than Trevor's, as well as being a nicer dude on the outside - there's a non-zero chance he sells to students from the other Kingman schools too. Powerlifts for competition as well as fun, and he's capable of some seriously impressive feats of strength. He's a member of Cochise's anime club, if not the president at least an important officer; I think the anime club is one of the ways he distributes his product, but it's also a legitimate interest. He has veto power and makes sure the creepy shit in anime stays out - he prefers the old school or more artistic stuff but is totally fine with lighter anime too. He has a genuine interest in Japanese culture and such as opposed to the stereotypical weeaboo Japan-worship, and is willing to admit the more fucked up parts of Japan; it doesn't stop him from planning a trip there, probably for the end of the year, and he might or might not want to do the slightly-cliché teach English in Japan thing. He's rather well-read in non-anime stuff too and I think tries to cultivate a cultured, pleasant image, though he's not going to go full on pretentious and wear suits to school or anything. He's a somewhat brutish looking guy, sorta the stereotypical biker image I suppose, but is courteous and well-spoken and tries to take care of his friends and customers, especially since if he's decent to people it's less likely that should they be caught with something they flip on him. He'll usually be there to coach you through your first time trying something, and he puts his foot down when it comes to selling shit that'll really fuck you up; do not ask him for something like meth, heroin or krokodil. He just won't do it.

Possible fun fact: I think he might be on choir, too, and he enjoys singing and has one hell of a singing voice. His "Ave Maria" could bring a tear to the eye. There's not as much here for him because I only recently started thinking him up, but if he rings any bells for any of yours let me know!
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