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Spiel cometh:

You have female characters. I have Dante Valiero. Bio here, he's at least known to every girl in the school, since he's flirted with all of them at least once over the years. How they respond to that is totally up to you, but yes, at least once a tall handsome Italian boy has swanned up to them, handed them a rose and called them beautiful. It's what he does.

Anyway, Dante would probably be friends with Bradley- they've got mutual friends (Isaac and Danny), is all about messing around and having fun, and while Dante's a real nice dude he'd either a) not want to complicate things by confronting him about his rudeness to others or b) not really get the jokes Bradley's making to begin with. ^^;

Ashlyn and Moira('s fake personality) would probably be friends; activism is a major part of Moira's persona, after all.
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