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This took me way too long to reply to!

@leAloha: Yay! All of this sounds super great – Bridgette & Josh sounds wonderful, and as for Jasper and Josh, they sound like they’d make a great pairing too! Joshua would be totally fine with Jasper’s rambling; though he might end up absently curling his hair around his finger and tapping his foot without realising it! I love your ideas for Oskar too! I think he’d be interested in ballet (even though he wouldn’t be proficient in it at allllll) and would love talking about it with Bridgette! Also, #popularkids4LYF. Awww, Jasper and Oskar sounds so cute! I think they maybe could have come out to each other and might be confidants of sorts about it? Just an idea~ <3

@Pippin: Yayyyy, moar tutor-ees! Mia & Joshua as study buddies sounds wonderful, as does Astrid & Joshua too – maybe they’ve had a convo about it once or twice? Astrid and Hazel butting heads sounds wonderful! Hazel’s generally cool with other people taking the lead if she’s not interested in something all that much (though if did disagree with something I don’t think she’d hesitate to speak up about it)! But if it’s something she really cares about, like acting or track or an assignment, then heads will roll if they try and go with a path she dislikes XD Hazel protecting Bryony sounds wonderful as well! <3 YAS CHEERLEADER BUDDIES!!! Mia and Oskar sounds like such a fun pairing, oh my gosh! :3 And yas, Bryony and Oskar sounds wonderful too – Oskar bottles up and keeps hidden a lot more than he should already, so Bryony should have no fear of Oskar gossiping about her or anything like that! They sound like lovely buddies. And wooo, moar popular kids! That sounds great! He’d probably try and engage in conversation with Morgan whenever he saw him, peppy butterfly that he is!
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