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say that to my adorable as heck face, binch
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Heeeey! I have a bunch of kids, you have a bunch of kids, truly this was destiny.

I think Mia would probably have the closest relation with Joshua; given she's worrying so much about how little time she has to do school work, she'd probably really appreciate someone to tutor her on stuff she doesn't quite get/missed due to out of school activities. Astrid would simply tolerate him (although she might be interested in him given how easily he gets sick), Bryony probably wouldn't have too close a relationship to him and Morgan wouldn't really have anything to do with him.

I think Astrid and Hazel would probably butt heads over a lot of things, simply due to their personalities? They both seem like they'd want things to go their own ways, no compromises. Bryony and Hazel would probably have crossed paths too, if Bryony was bullied before/still is bullied.

Mia and Bryony would both definitely like Oskar! Mia because she's also a cheerleader and she has a similarly bubbly, upbeat personality, and Bryony because Oskar seems like someone nice and friendly who she could easily reach out and talk with, without fear of repercussions. If he's part of the popular crowd, then Morgan and Oskar would probably be acquaintances at least.
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