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@Medic: Yaaasss I love all of that! <3 The idea of Danny flirting with Oskar is hilarious XD I think if Oskar saw that Lily had a distaste for clinginess he’d probably back off – he’d rather restrain himself than lose a friend through over-enthusiasm, after all! There were two other thing I was thinking about as a potential thing with Clarice as well – firstly, her interest in filmmaking! Hazel embraces any opportunity to act, and would totally be down for helping Clarice out with her films! And secondly, her love of romance-y stuff – Oskar loves romance novels/movies, and they could totally binge on them together XD

@Fenris: The spiel is wonderful! I can’t wait to see some of these flirtations written out in full! I think with Hazel & Dante it would sorta depend on when the flirting happened? Like, if it was during her ‘many boyfriends’ period, she would’ve been all over that, but nowadays she’d be a tad more suspicious – if she saw that he wasn’t just out to get in her pants, however, I think she’d be cool with it and even admire him a little! I love all of your other ideas as well; I think they all mesh together perfectly! <3 Oskar would be totally down for anything with Ivy and Moira too – people-pleasing-manipulatable-bundle-of-friendliness that he is!
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