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*deep breath* Here it comes... yet again... the spiel.

You have a female character. I have Dante Valiero. Bio here, he's at least known to every girl in the school, since he's flirted with all of them at least once over the years. How they respond to that is totally up to you, but yes, at least once a tall handsome Italian boy has swanned up to them, handed them a rose and called them beautiful. It's what he does.

Anyway! That aside: Dante and Joshua would definitely get on. He's laid-back, generally friendly toward anyone who's friendly toward him, a bit of a dope, and he loves animals. Plus it looks like they already have a few mutual friends! He might know Oskar, too, if only because again he's generally friendly toward anyone receptive of friendliness. Ivy and Hazel would probably clash. I think she would rather like Joshua, though- she's generally nice to other band kids, and considering that he's a handsome asexual naive idealist she'd probably treat him kind of like a favored pet. ... Which is about as nice as she gets, so there's that.
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