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- Clarice would probably get along with him. Hell if there's a volunteering club she'd be on board with that. Plus they both love animals (though Clarice is a dog person, but she loves cats too) and she'd like his general friendly 'be-cool-to-everyone' demeanor.
- Lily might need tutoring here and there. She's pretty smart and usually doesn't need it, but she tends to miss a fair amount of class due to random bouts of sickness so sometimes she needs help catching up.

- Well, judging by what I know of the Jacob/Hazel thing, sounds like Danny would probably dislike Hazel on principle. Exact details pending depending on the circumstances of the break-up. He'd be fine with her before that, though.
- Clarice probably wouldn't approve of, y'know, the racism of her clique. They share similar 'defend against bullies' tendencies, as well as some aggressive tendencies. Sounds like they would be on the same wave-length on some things and absolutely on opposide ends on other ways, so maybe kind of a 'I don't like her/some of the stuff she says/does, but I can respect these aspects of her I guess' thing.

- Danny's up for being sociable, for sure. (Though given the girly appearance all I can picture is Danny flirting with him and then going 'wait.' But that wouldn't sour Danny against him in a friend sense. xD)
- Similarly, Clarice is fine with socializing, although they don't have too much common ground.
- I think Lily would be alright with him, maybe friendship (they share a love of books) but if he's too clingy and intrudes on her alone time too much she might get very agitated. Depending on how far it went it could potentially end with a grudge, but if he can take a hint and leave her alone sometimes then she'd be okay with him. She also visits the bookstore he works at pretty regularly.
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