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Oh Jesus I have to respond to these now don't I?

@Random: I could totally see Sandra teasing Adelaide a bit to get a reaction out of her. Nancy would probably consider Rick her best friend even though they rarely interact.

@Slam: They totally could. Maybe Vanessa could teach Sandra some things about guitar?

@Fenris: Sandra would probably tease Dante a lot about his flirting tendencies. Jennifer would probably be uncomfortable with his teasing, but as long as keeps it to a minimum during their tutoring sessions, she would probably tolerate him.

@Aura: They could probably have a competition as to who could out-snark each other.

@Deamon: Yes.

@Pancapples: Yes.

@Laurels: Yes.

@Violent-Medic: Yes.

I think I might have gotten a bit lazy with my replies at the end there.

Let's show that private threads still aren't necessary! I pledge not to start any private threads on the island in V6. If I started a thread in-game, you are welcome to join it.

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