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I think we've discussed stuff a little so half of this is recapping.

In the case of Bradley:
- Danny would probably get along with him. He has no objection to offensive jokes (and if he did probably wouldn't say so) and anyone who's fun times will be fine with him.
- Clarice would not like his humor. At all. And would call him out on it if she heard it. And I think you mentioned that it would just make him say more jokes and insults just to get a rise out of her, so... Clarice is gonna hate his guts. xD

In the case of Ashlynn:
- Clarice would probably get along with her. They're both activism sorts so they can bond over that.

In the case of Kiziah:
- If she's into languages in general, maybe some acquaintance stuff with Clarice. Clarice wouldn't mind teaching her bits of Navajo language here and there, if Kiziah was interested.
- Math is one of Lily's better subjects and so maybe they can hang out and work on math things or something.
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