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General Goose
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Don't cast aspersions on my asparagus.
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Yes I've barely edited these from my original posts. No I don't care.

Bradley Grant
Nice stuff first: Bradley likes music, he struggles with sleeping, he's loyal to his mates, he's got a decent academic brain in his noggin, he's pretty fun at parties, and he's pretty good at video editing.
Now the bad stuff: he's a bit of a dick. He LOVES being as confrontational, provocative, and offensive as possible. He's the sort of guy who engages in laddish, loutish, and insensitive jokes and while he doesn't mean any actual vitriol, he doesn't give a toss if you're offended.
Isaac Brea - buddies
Danny Brooks - buddies
Clarice Halwood - Bradley enjoys her company but only because he LOVES pissing her off

Ashlynn Martinek
A long-winded, intelligent, altruistic Czech-American trivia master with an ambitious activist streak. Ashlynn can, for all her good intentions and friendly attitudes and self-professed ultra-tolerance, be arrogant and dismissive towards those she considers less ideologically selfless or less knowledgeable.
Conrad Harrod - friends
Clarice Halwood - friends

Kiziah Saraki
The daughter of a Nigerian refugee, Kizi, as her friends call her, is a genius when it comes to maths and languages. Despite her intelligence and her affable, uncomplicatedly good-hearted nature, she is gullible and lacks common sense. Every now and then there is a gap in her common knowledge, or she mangles her words, or she falls for a hoax, or she makes a stupid mistake. She is well-aware of this, and is good-natured about most jokes. She is literal-minded and can't lie for shit.
Lily Caldwell - friends
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V7 peeps:
Nick Ogilvie
Ashlynn Martinek
Bill Winlock
Camille Bellegarde

V6 peeps:
Kiziah Saraki
Bradley Floyd
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