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@Dr. Adjective: I like your idea for Josh & Os! Josh is pretty passionate about instruments, and if Os was a school band member as well then they’d definitely be buddies! If Os’ chosen instrument was the harp then Josh’d think that to be pretty cool, since it’s not something he’s seen much before and is shiny and new and exciting!!! Politics sounds like a good connection too! Like you say, pregame would be a good place to play around with it, and I’d absolutely love to thread with you! <3

As for when they dating... I could see it! But it’d have to depend upon her ‘dating timeline’ (LOL?) Like, the earlier on, the more of a mutual interest and good relationship they’d need to have (like her first ever boyfriend who’s-never-gonna-appear-‘cause-his-family-moved-400-miles-away-but-he-was-perfect-for-her, or Jacob Brooks, with whom she bonded over their dancing & distaste for bullies), but later on it’d be more a case of people dating her ‘cause they think she’s an easy screw (something she’s wholly unaware of until she hears her friends gossiping about her). So I guess it’s up to you where he’d fall in that area? But yeah, if they were exes, definitely not on good terms, I think XD

I like that idea with Os & Oskar! Oskar would definitely try to be friends with him, and if he realised how dopey Os thinks he is, then he’d make a concerted effort to change Os’ opinion in that regard~ So I think Oskar would think they’re friends, even if Os is neutral to him~ He’d also be pretty into Os’ alternative fashion, since Oskar’s more than a little quirky with the outfits he wears!

@MrsRandom: That sounds great! After-school volunteering sounds like something would Joshua would jump on quick as a bullet! <3
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