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And so I begin pimping out my lone kid to all of y'all with threads!

I feel like Joshua and Oswald might bond over music? But that depends on taste, really, and I still haven't decided whether or not to have Os actually play an instrument himself (probably harp and/or violin if he does). Otherwise they might have politics in common. Might be worth playing with when pregame proper rolls around but I'm on the fence.

I can see him and Hazel having previously dated? He's pretty and kind of an ass, the sort of person she'd probably want to distance herself from post image-change though, I think?

As for Oskar, Os might recognise him from the bookstore but probably thinks he's a bit of a dope, sort of a neutral, non-hostile but condescending kind of opinion. I don't think they'd really have much of a relationship of any kind.
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