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Fleshing out my two concepts with Slam's input (Valiero is a real name, though, I swear! It was the name of multiple Doges and everything!), plus a couple more concepts that may or may not go past the "vague idea in my head" phase.

Dante Luciano Valiero: Tall, tan, handsome and air-headed as they come, Dante is difficult not to like but equally difficult to take seriously. His mother and father met in Naples, Italy, where his mother was born and raised- his father was initially from Phoenix, Arizona, and they lived there for a time after they married before his mother got pregnant with Dante and insisted they move somewhere quieter. Dante was raised Catholic- his mother is very strict and traditional, his father less so but his stance tends to be "listen to your mother". He was raised bilingual when he was young, but when he started elementary school his parents switched to only speaking to him in English so as to not confuse the poor boy. He's never been particularly smart, but he tries his best, bless his heart.

Dante has had a soft spot for girls since he was a kid- he's always been a flirt, before he really knew what flirting was, even (though when he was a kid he didn't exactly have boundaries down- he got in trouble a few times for kissing the cheeks of girls who wanted nothing to do with him). His parents consider it a perfectly harmless trait, as long as it doesn't get him into trouble and as long as, of course, his flirtations don't go beyond chaste kisses at the door. And they don't- Dante's ideal night out involves dinner, a movie, flowers, compliments in likely-butchered Italian, and a soft kiss at the door. He's been known to buy bouquets of roses on the weekend and giving them out one stem at a time to girls at school. After living with him for years, pretty much every girl at Cochise has been the subject of his attentions at some point or another. He knows well enough to back off when those attentions are unwanted, and since everyone knows that he's not interested in anything physical or in any real committment, he's seen as pretty much harmless (the fact that he's cute and charming as all hell probably helps).

Dante has a soft spot for animals, as well. This stems from his Catholic upbringing, and particularly from his childhood fixation on Saint Francis of Assisi and the tales of how he would preach to animals. He has three pets- two cats and a dog- who he dotes upon, and he gets his dad to drive him out to Keepers of the Wild (a nearby animal sanctuary) as often as he possibly can. His eyes light up when he sees a dog being walked on the street, and he gets shamelessly teary-eyed at ASPCA commercials. He still eats meat with a fervor, though.

Dante's family is very conservative and he generally parrots their opinions when probed, though he couldn't care less about politics and prioritizes peace between him and his friends over voicing his beliefs. He imitates his mother's Italian accent when he feels like it would sound charming. His mother insisted that he start taking part in some physical activity when he started junior high, but he's not particularly competitive and most sports didn't appeal to him- he eventually took to fencing (the whole "dashing swordsman" stereotype appealed to him) and has been taking it ever since, doing fairly though not strikingly well. He's a very social person in general who tries his best to get along with everyone he meets- he dislikes conflict and generally doesn't seem to understand why people don't like each other.

TL;DR: He was based loosely off an old D&D character of mine who had a natural 18 charisma... 8 intelligence, and 7 wisdom. Make of that what you will.

Moira Bellamy: Moira's entire life is essentially run by two things: an extreme and undiagnosed level of anxiety, and a huge lie that has consumed her entire identity. Her parents- both Kingman natives- are perfectly average, except perhaps for their lackadaisical attitude toward parenting. They trust Moira completely, likely stemming from the fact that she was always a model child, and her older sister Raina was equally "perfect" and seemed to bypass her "teenage rebellion" phase entirely. Moira was never one to take advantage of her parents' naivety- she always studied hard, got good grades, never talked back to her parents on the rare occasion they asked anything of her- but never brought home friends or went to anyone's house after school. She spent all of her time alone in her room, reading. What her parents didn't realize was that even as a child she suffered from a powerful social anxiety strong enough that it was difficult for her to even speak to her peers, let alone befriend them. Teachers noticed that there was a problem, but because she did so well academically they didn't bother her or her parents about it.

Moira's anxiety persisted through to her teenage years, but by then she was no longer (relatively) okay with simply being ignored- her anxiety was manifesting in a paranoia that others could see her discomfort and she decided to re-invent herself as she entered Cochise High School. She would become the kind of person that she had never met or seen in Kingman- a loud, angry punk who just didn't care what others thought of her. She shaved half her hair and dyed the rest mint green, bought a number of fake piercings (she's terrified to actually get anything beyond her lobes pierced), and asked her mother to start making her clothes (as she can't sew herself). Her parents, again trusting her completely, rolled with the change, particularly because it didn't change her personality at home at all. But at school she began to wear a very convincing mask to hide her constant terror- maybe if she acted like she didn't care, she could convince herself to not care.

What she didn't expect, though, was that her invented personality would gain her friends that she never expected to have. Though part of her is glad to finally not be alone- despite her constant anxiety around others she always wanted to know what it was like to have friends outside of her family- she realized the only way to keep those friends was to keep up her false personality perfectly. She started doing research online about the music she felt her new self should like and causes her new self should be interested in- everything she needed to keep up her appearances in front of her new-found friends. Her iPod is full of music she doesn't like, and she's constantly wearing things she doesn't like and saying things she doesn't believe.

At the same time, to her parents, she's still the same girl. She loves to read, she listens to Mumford and Sons and She & Him, and she adores flowers above all else. She's a huge girly-girl and likes the color pink and wearing dresses. She wants to be a stage actress when she grows up, though she considers that an unachievable dream considering her social issues. She still studies hard and makes good grades- she pretends to her friends that she doesn't care and is just naturally gifted, but in actuality the amount of work she puts into her academic success contributes to her worsening anxiety. She essentially lives a double life- shedding her personality like an overly-tight corset when she gets home from school.

Moira is average height, slim and flat as a board. Mint-green is her default hair color, but she occasionally changes it up. She wears fake piercings in her lip, nose and ears, and intentionally wears clashing colors and weird patterns in her clothes. The only constant in her wardrobe is a brown leather jacket- actually a belonging of her grandfather's, who she adored until her passed away when she was ten. When she can- when she's away from Kingman or when she's at a family event- she prefers floral-patterned sundresses and bright leggings, though she keeps her leather jacket on whenever she can.

TL;DR: She really, really needs a good therapist.

Short vague concepts:

Gwendolyn "Gwen" Carlisle: A perky goth junior living under the shadow of her overachieving senior sister (who I may or may not get someone else to play). Her dearest ambition is to be a Suicide Girl when she turns 18. She loves cute things, vampires, baking and being cuter than her sister (she insists).

Ivy Langley: A Tumblr hipster who often arrives fifteen minutes late with Starbucks. She follows trends religiously and currently is in the throes of pastel goth, complete with a cloud of cotton-candy pink hair. But despite her trendy internet sensibilities she's a hard-line conservative Republican and tends to be less-than-tolerant of others.

Rory MacNamara: A generally friendly gender-neutral individual who is quite introverted and spends most of their time playing video games. They're a creative individual who likes to draw, write, and cosplay. They're very anxious around large groups of people but enjoy spending time around a couple of like-minded individuals, and they have suffered from depression for most of their life. Basically a self-insert.

Salvador "Sal" Mendoza A super competitive boy with no talent for athletics of any kind, Sal makes up for it by playing competitive video games- League of Legends, DotA, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, anything that he can get way too serious about is what he loves. He's generally very intense and loves a good debate. His family is completely legal, but he's been stopped by cops often enough asking to see his papers that he doesn't trust them.

... That was a lot more writing than expected. Kudos to anyone who gets through all of it.
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