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Relationships! I wan' 'em.

Sandra Dyer - Sandra is a sports girl to the max, always willing to try new sports. She's taken a specific liking to track, softball and tennis. She also enjoys skateboarding, and she'll usually be found skating around the neighborhood or at the local skate park. She plays the guitar, though not very well. She's striving to improve, though, and practices every day. Sandra always tries to have a joke or a quip for any situation, inspired by her love of stand-up comedy. Sandra is friendly and outgoing, and is ready to make friends with whomever wants to.

For Sandra I'm looking for friends, teammates, and current/former boyfriends.

Jennifer Su - Jennifer is a shy girl who doesn't talk much. Her parents have been pushing her to academically succeed since she was little, and as such she puts as much effort as she can into studying, as well as playing the piano. Due to this, she doesn't have much of a social life; although she does have a few friends, none of them are really that close to her. Jennifer also tutors, teaching mostly the hard sciences and mathematics. She hates it when people are being argumentative and contrarian, and will usually agree with someone just to avoid any confrontations.

Not looking for much for Jennifer, just a few friends and possibly tutees.

Nancy Kyle - Nancy is a weeaboo. She likes Japanese culture, most notably the idol culture. She watches idol anime like Love Live and Aikatsu!. Coming from a family of four children and being the middle child, she often found it hard to get the attention of her parents, and it's turned her into someone who likes to get attention. She's also a member of the drama club. She has a very idealized vision of life, and is super optimistic to the point that it can come off as grating. She thinks she has lots of friends, but less of them are 'friends' and more of them are 'people who reluctantly tolerate her'.

Nancy needs friends, 'friends', and people who can't stand her.
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