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So, is this still a thing? Because now that my peeps are all dead and metaphorically buried (two of these are only really conceptual things but):

- Mallory was designed to be a player killer: This didn't even last into the main game, but that was the original intent when making her character. Hence the bully-disliking and such. First character made, hadn't really figured out how to write subtle yet.

- Naomi's character was originally going to be a guy: This is irrelevant except in the fact that it likely would have resulted in an extra Miles Strickland wandering around. And this is pretty much the only change that ever happened where Naomi was concerned.

- The Joe-Travis brief alliance was meant to start a lot sooner, and on a more benign note. However, the time it took to start (we'd been about to have them meet literally right as the crash happened) and the obvious crazy-murderer vibe of Travis' announced kills/continuous encounters with people that Travis had pissed off drove the alliance out of benign 'yay friend' territory before it even started.

- Possible 'If Joe Had Won' scenarios: Had Joe won V5 (though it probably couldn't have been done convincingly given his mindset) he likely would have either a) tried to join STAR in an attempt to make up for his murders, or b) not been able to deal with regular life after everything and eventually committed suicide. I'm not quite sure which, it likely would have partially depended on how endgame went, but I think it probably would have been the latter.
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