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Shit, Hansel was getting away, and wait, where the hell did the smoke come from? And why was it purple?

No matter. Either way, Hansel wasn't going to get away from him. He had to take out Hansel. He had to take out Hansel.

Zubin moved towards the gazebo carefully, keeping an eye on anything beyond it, as well as the smoke to his left as the smell made him frown. God damn, it smelled wrong. And what was happening on the other side of that cloud?

"I can't go back! I CAN'T GO BACK!"

For a second, Zubin's head snapped towards the smoke. He didn't know that voice. It was a guy, so that ruled out Mara, and if he was talking about not going back, the only other person who risked that now was Joey Grey - okay, maybe Hansel was crazy and thought that they'd keep him in if he didn't keep killing.

Either way, what was Hansel doing? He had to have some sort of game plan, as well as more weapons.

Gotta get to him. If Hansel was lulling now, taking him out would be easier.
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