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So, since Endgame's upon us, I think it's time to kind of 'show my hand' as it were with things I've done with my more popular (or at least, more publicised) character throughout V5. It's absolutely crazy how many ideas I had - fully fleshed out and partially mused upon alike - and I've been nearly bursting to tell people. I know endgame isn't over yet, and Hansel's fate is still not disclosed, but I can sit on the pandora's box no longer.

-- Natali becomes a super hero.

This was the best of my ideas by far in terms of theme. Natali's story is one of taking the backseat, masterfully woven by backslash, and I felt that the best way to capitalize on the seeds she'd sown during her original (albeit mournfully undershadowed by my own writing with Natali) run of the character by crafting a narrative in which Natali would burst out of her shell and become the hard-bitten, tough as nails girl that looks up to Vasquez and any lead played by Michelle Rodriguez. It largely fell through when Natali was rolled, though, and when backslash wrote her death three months before I adopted her.

-- Natali's Family Runs a Wake

The Greers were such a well-fleshed out and remarkably nuanced family that backslash was able to craft a vivid image of them without a single word written from their perspective, leaving the reader to basically imagine literally everything about her home life. This made them the perfect outlet to write a mass funeral for all of the V5 kids' parents, where Natali's mother with perfect hair and a kind soul who's well liked by everyone would write a moving speech read by her sensitive but strong father who wore glasses (not because he needed them, but to make him more approachable to people) who would cry during it. It was a nice bit, but I had to scrap most of it when I discovered that Natali was black, and I'm not comfortable writing black people.

-- Natali Buys A Horse In The Afterlife

This idea was fucking dumb and I hated it the second I thought it up.

-- Natali Gets Her Period

I was finally going to show my chops writing a female character by having her paint her nails, watch The O.C, and run out of tampons. This sequence of events would really highlight how I have grown as a writer from 2013 to now by showing how diverse I could truly be. It was scrapped, though, when I couldn't fit the sentence "Scarlet Moist Secret Napkins" into the story without re-working the entire concept.
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