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Joey was carrying more speed than he thought he could ever muster. The immense seriousness of the situation he was in provided the boost to keep his legs churning.

The gun came flying towards him. Dodging it caused him to stutter step. Joey's body contorted as he still attempted a swing of one of the swords. His off-balance strike was deflected by Mara's swinging bag.

There was a split second once Joey stopped moving forward where he could see Mara on the ground. She was prone and defenseless. This was his opportunity to strike. He had to. He couldn't do another round of this game.

"I won't..."

Joey felt his right arm twitch. He felt his fist clench the handle of the sword. As he was about to raise the sword and attack once more, purple smoke suddenly filled the area, swallowing Mara and any visibility Joey had.

"No!" Joey growled through his teeth. For the first time on the island, he had experienced a fight instead of flight response, and even that had gone wrong.

"I can't go back! I CAN'T GO BACK!"

The reality of what faced him if he did indeed let Mara live hit him like a truck.

"I WON'T!!" He screamed as he swung his left arm towards where he thought Mara was. The blade contacted nothing.

"I CAN'T!" He swung the sword in a different direction and felt it hit the soft dirt. He ripped back, pulling the grass with him.

"YOU DON'T GET IT!!" He hollered into the cloud of smoke.

"They are going to keep me." He said flatly.

"They'll keep me here..."

Joey took another swing at the air in front of him, hoping with every fiber of his being that his blind attacks would do something useful for once.
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