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Her finger pulled back on the trigger a few more times, each more frantic. It was quickly apparent the gun wasn’t going to be a part of the equation and he was still coming at her like a speeding train.

Fine! I can beat him without the gun! I can still win.

With a shriek of frustration she hurled the gun at him and shoved her hand past the zipper of her duffle bag in as fast as she could. Her hand found something immediately and she saw it was a familiar spherical object with a purple sticker on the front. Mara knew what it was.

Joey was nearly baring down on her with some crazy looking, giant crochet needles. Before he could get a hit she swung her bag at him and fell backwards.

She fell back onto the grass. Mara was unhurt, but all that was in her hand now was the pin without a grenade. She watched as purple clouds of smoke rapidly unfurled from their confinement. The violet smoke was soon everywhere, kept down in place by the trees and plants. The bag was gone, probably in the smoke somewhere. The entire scene of the park and the island were rapidly being erased and replaced with swathes of purple. She looked up and was able to see Joey for one more moment before he disappeared behind the veil of smoke.
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