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((OOC: From this point on, GMing of Joey and Mara has been green-lighted)

Joey's eyes strained to make out the shape on the far side of the park, moving towards the gazebo. Another gunshot echoed across the park causing Joey to flinch. The gunshot and flinch caused Joey's failure to notice that he was being rapidly moved on.

He turned just in time to make out the girl from the Overpass say she was sorry. The face that Joey pulled as he Mara's finger found the trigger was probably a bit comical in hindsight. Something along the lines of biting right into a lemon. Joey heard a faint click, but no loud noise. No roaring pain anywhere on his body. No life flashbacks or tunnels of light.

Joey opened his eyes to see Mara looking at her gun with a very perplexed expression.

Now or never kid.

Joey felt the scream come from deep in his chest. Hookswords at the ready, Joey made a dash towards Mara.
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