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The park was their cage now and the foliage the bars. She tried to keep as open an eye and ear as possible while she weaved carefully around the trees and bushes. Mike’s gun was held in her tingling hands. Each crunchy footstep in the grass was amplified by a thousand and she wondered if it was as loud to others as it was to her.

She breathed deeply and swept an errant piece of hair behind her ear. Just as she did she saw a figure pass by the trees twenty feet away or so. It was no breeze or wild animal. There was no doubt in her mind what it was. Mara strode with purpose towards the movement. Without the plants and the distance it was clear that it wasn’t Hansel or Zubin.

Mara bit her lip and hoisted the gun. She tracked him carefully with her finger on the trigger. A wave of cold swept through her. Did he even know she was there? She was going to gun him down like a deer. Mara remembered the look he'd given her while she was in mid-breakdown.

"Hey….sorry" she offered, soberly.

She pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. Just like a boy to let you down when you needed him most. Thanks, Mike.
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