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Zubin moved to his right as his temple started to fiercely sting. As he hit the ground, he brought his hand up to the left side of his head, and felt a wet line above his ear.

He shot me. The fucker shot me! Hansel was ready to go and kill him.

Just like all the others. It was starting to come to Zubin. Hansel was the biggest killer. He'd beaten Dodd in that area, even though Dodd had a reason. Hansel had … none. He'd simply killed and killed just for the hell of it with no attempt at finding a better way.

Zubin had tried. Of course, now he was stuck here with Hansel, the guy who had killed most everyone who would or could have helped them get out of there.

No way. No way was Hansel living with all that blood on his hands. It was his fault they were stuck here.

Zubin got up and pointed his gun towards Hansel.

"So, how's it feel, cowboy? We might have been able to go home together, but you had to go fuck it up by killing everyone."
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