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((Zubin Wadia continued from Pay the Piper))

Here he was. It was the end of the game. Just three more bodies to add to the tally, and he was home free. He could go home, talk to Mom and Dad, get therapy, and live some of the life he deserved. All he had to do was

“Oof.” Zubin face-planted as he tripped upon something. He looked back at what it was that had made him fall.

“Oh. Hey, Ami.” Ami was still there, killed by someone who didn’t matter anymore. Zubin pulled himself up into a sitting position. “Fancy meeting you here.” Zubin looked down, attempting to ignore the fact that he was talking to a fucking corpse. “You know, you really should have taken me up on my offer. I mean, it’s obvious I was lying about getting into a fuckfest. Now, only I get to go home. Regrettable, really.”


Zubin looked over to the sound of the shot. He’d been focusing so much on Ami that he didn’t see the guy right there, just about a hundred yards away. He might not have been able to se much, but the hat was recognizable. He was staring at Hansel Williams. Zubin just smiled and started walking, finger itching to pull the trigger.

Nothing else left for me to do.
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