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This is just a suggestion for the SOTF staff:

I know we already have a chat room and the function of PM to ask questions, but not everyone uses chat, not everyone is on chat all the time (Staff or the handler asking), PM's to one staff member or even to the HELP account might not be immediately responded to, while there could be available staff around, who could reply sooner. (Saying this as a person who actually has a "PM Thread" since I first started here in Jan 2010, of questions directly back and forth with quite the speedy replier of the staff team, which I will probably continue to use, so I'm not suggesting this as a complaint of any kind. Just think it could help)

My thought is that perhaps a convenient way for, just about anyone really, is to have a thread specifically used as a place to ask questions to the staff basically, for any that may be online and available at the time to answer. I figure the more private/personal issues could be spoken through PM, but there might be some matters that could be helpful if asked/answered publicly, as a place of reference rather than repeatedly asking/answered by different people. Things such as useful FAQs written out can be directed as answers, etc, in one organized and convenient place. It's helpful, because a handler wouldn't need to jump into the chat room simply to ask a question, they could ask it and come back later. The idea has been used with much success from my experience. Perhaps, SOTF could adopt it as well, maybe? That's pretty much all for my suggestion = > an "Ask a Mod" thread. Hope you like the idea.

Q: As for a question since I'm here anyway suggesting on having a thread on asking about stuff, I was just wondering to myself if there's a board function where we could "bookmark" particular threads to our sotf board profiles here to easily click and get back to later. I didn't see one here, but I know some forums have that bookmark option. I figure it would be a particularly useful function on a board with a writing/story theme such as ours. I can't find one, so I doubt it exists, but I hope there is one, couldn't hurt to ask right.
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