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Hey, everyone! So, as you may be aware, only you final ten and staff can see these at the moment. With no further ado, then, the rolls:

1. Joe Carrasco (Violent-Medic)
2. Kathryn Nguyen (Arscapi)
3. Madeline Wilcox (Turtle Tyrant)
4. KK Konipaski (Rattlesnake)
5. Matt Vartoogian (BROseidon)
6. Gray Emerson (Deamon)

Three days for cards, and until the end of October 29 for deaths.

That out of the way, a few notes:

We're keeping this secret to add to the suspense and increase the engagement of the site as a whole, and it'd mean a lot if people would keep things hush-hush. We've also seen in past versions that the second one person is told anything, it starts to spread throughout the site, so we'd highly suggest keeping these quiet even from friends.

That said, we respect that this is all about the folks left in the game, so if you want to talk about your own character's status as rolled/unrolled, it is your choice. If you want to spoil everything, well, we'll be pretty disappointed, but this isn't a situation where we're making some rule or asking everyone to swear an oath of secrecy or whatever. It's just a request, for the sake of the game. :)

Heroes may still be played this roll cycle, but any cards not used now will become null and void in three days' time. They do not carry over to V6.

Soon after card time has passed, we will open a board for the Endgamers to discuss winner selection and Endgame planning.

Congratulations to everyone for making it this far. This is one of the most solid final batches of characters I've seen in all of SOTF and Mini, and I'm sure you guys are gonna make this final ten explosive and awesome.

Juliette Sargent drawn by Mimi and Ryuki
Alton Gerow drawn by Mimi
Lavender Ripley drawn by Mimi
Phillip Olivares drawn by Ryuki
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