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She'd expected Steve to tense up, expected him to shoot. And she'd expected that she would shoot right back. And that whatever would happen then... well, it would happen.

Of course, it seemed that things on this island had never quite worked out they way Eris expected them to.

Instead, he just spoke to her, again mocking her, while admitting he was not the hero. Oh, of course he wasn't. He was just a fraud, and it did please Eris that he was admitting as such. But then he turned, and began to walk away. And in another world, maybe Eris would have just walked away as well. Gone off to whatever fate might await here elsewhere, gone off to ruminate on his words of pity. But not here.

She flashed a sick smile, and muttered a few words under her breath. They were not loud enough for Steve or Ryan to hear, they were in fact just barely loud enough for the microphone in her collar to pick up.

"No Steve. No pity. You don't get to walk away."

Because in this world, in this game, it could not end this way.

"You just don't."

She had to finish this. See the end of this last requiem.

She aimed the gun.


No, no it wasn't pity she wanted. It was him. She'd show him exactly who she was. Exactly how wrong he was.


As the first beep of her collar hit, she fired.
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