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Journal of Orebic Underheld
Penned the 19th day of Moradin's Hall

It would seem that I missed writing in my journal the night prior. Unfortunate. I will have to exercise more diligence in chronicling my activities.

The case has taken several turns for the unexpected. Yesterday, late into the evening, we were accosted on our way to the Bride by two villains in guard uniforms. I understood they were not of the watch almost straight away and that we were headed into a trap, but the halfling and I pushed onward while the elves stayed back at a safe distance. Unfortunately, the trap was more significant than I had initially thought, many wretched bags of wickedness seeping from dark corners and alleyways to surround us.

We saw two of the folks from the bar in that alleyway. The woman, Triska, I managed to pin down. She was dropped to the ground but... in a strange turn of events, her partner turned on her and attempted to murder her. We needed to extract her as it was highly likely that she had sensitive information that the scoundrel was attempting to seal up forever. We needed to run from the altercation and reported back with heavy wounds. It took all my power just to ensure Triska's survival as well as Keila's safety.

I think I am beginning to remember why I did not chronicle this day.

This morning, we started with some interrogations at the prison. As the halfling put it, getting information from those two was like attempting to draw blood from a stone (actually pretty good, I'll be sure and use that in the future). Immediately following my attempts to speak with the two, the prison was breached by somebody who I now believe to be Ilda, the ship's quartermaster. She glowed a bright evil when I first gazed upon her, and now I am understanding why. With the note left from the breaching, I split off from the rest of the group to procure a few ales to enjoy with Valk in an attempt to get him to let loose some information.

I decided to share with him that embarrassing story from so many years ago. We shared what I believe to be a genuine laugh. He would be a most trustworthy friend were he not mixed up in such an awful mess. Actually, he is proving to be quite valuable to our investigations anyway. Perhaps when this business has ended, we can share a drink... on his tab, this time. I feel my pocket aching and my liver begging for more.

On that note, the halfling challenged me to a drinking contest. I vowed not to call him by name until he could match me mug for mug. Since he will never do this on account of his stature and race, I'll simply invent another reason to call him by name once the joke wears thin with me.

Our trails led, first, to Ilda. Then to Urko. I must confess with trepidation, rare to my heart, that I am withholding information pertinent to the investigation from Markus and the rest of the watch. Ilda wants us to incriminate Urko and to ruin him, but I fear that if we take that path, we walk a road to disgrace and ruin while Urko's tormentors roam free.

Somewhere, an innocent soul is held captive under a veil of blackmail. We must fully explore this channel and unravel the shroud of deception, for a foundation cannot support a city if there are too many holes.

Orebic Underheld
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