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Journal of Orebic Underheld
Penned the 17th day of Moradin's Hall

I am learning the conventions of human settlements more and more as time wears on, though I am increasingly perpetually confused by them. Though a quick execution had been deemed far too excessive before, several men died during an altercation today and not much mind was paid towards it (though there was a concerted effort to keep several men alive, so I can try and make some sort of distinction). The true confusion that torture is apparently okay. This is not specifically against my code as the paladin order is at times forced through such methods of inquisition, but one allowance juxtaposed against another prohibition is enough to addle the mind.

Concerning an addled mind, today featured an act of particular interest. I suppose you could say it's the dwarf in me fighting the paladin, but during an interrogation, I sought to bring some ale into the jailhouse to get our friend Valk to open up. Sure enough, he told us everything we needed to know, directing us to his old ship and where to look to get info. The crew was very cooperative, despite the halfling's best efforts to make them just as rabid a force of enemies as he has managed to do to several times before.

I jest, but I was tasked with saving his life during the bar fight tonight as he was tangled up in the webs. With tower shield held forth and all faith to Moradin the forge-father, I cleared the treacherous material and was able to block the wee one from incurring further harm. Somebody struck at Keila, and in my great failings, was stricken by a rage so great that the assailant was sent across the room.

There are a few aimless scribblings here that seem to be the beginnings of some Dwarven text but are not fleshed out.

Ah, yes. We brought in another man, the owner of that fine establishment, who offered us our next lead. Unfortunately, several scoundrels escaped out the back, and I had to let them go in exchange for assuring the halfling's and Keila's safety. Before chasing down an enemy in great pursuit, I might prioritize protecting my charge. Harm came to her today, but I have been forgiven and wounds healed. I am able to pay the sir Blathin for his meal and his room, and can now rest in this inn in the total comfort of body and mind.

To that end I should start drinking far more.

Orebic Underheld

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