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From the diary of Floriano Teimerkus DeRosa
Date left blank.

Truth be told, I miss Variin. My family would send me off again if I was to return, so I find it difficult to lift my spirit even with these festivities. I was told that my father might be somewhere “that way, to the west probably”, which is a testament to my grandfather’s elder’s lack of direction or care – we have long grown distant (he’s so hateful, even without him saying it you can tell). I have no idea where to go, there is no trail to follow, but I wear the surname of my father in the hopes that somehow it will help – probably futile. I am told that I look very much like him; I’m not sure how to feel about it. His name is Mackwell, I have to remember that.
I was witness to a murder, so definitely not a day to lift my spirits. I did not see much, save for their hair colour. It was bright blonde, not very much to go on unfortunately. I was rounded up as a witness and ended up collaborating with some strangers on request of the city guard. There was a constable Markus, around the age of thirty perhaps. He enlisted us to investigate supposed muggings, apparently his force was busy.

A half elf, an adult with colder disposition and dark hair, she also saw the same plus more, they lacked facial hair and carried a strange weapon. I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that I’ve forgotten her name. I don’t know if I should come clean and ask. There were others, a younger looking girl with blonde hair named Keila, and her supposed dwarven protector Orebic (She seemed puzzled about it and so was I) There was also a Halfling, who later offered me a drink. He is known as Aeta, there’s no way I’d forget the name of someone so kind as to offer that. I’m not usually shy, but today I found it difficult to speak up. I hope that I made a good impression. But I guess I digress a little.

There was a half-orc guard named Hauk, he was actually kind of helpful in an enthusiastic way, I suppose. We split up; half of us leaving to see a man who had been attacked, the ones that left were Aeta and the black haired one – Really I should remember her name, I remember her face clearly enough. There was talk about high king Gustaf, Tolstygg the younger and Skarn, it was mostly idle speak. When we arrived to see the man who had been attacked – Jurgen his name was – he was still recovering. He described the night in the detail he could, cloaked figures posing as muggers but did not seem interested in money very much, already peculiar I thought. He continued to elaborate that they had heavily braided beards. Orebic and Keila remarked this to be something common among some northern workers at the docks, sailors and the like. After leaving we conversed a little, it made me feel a little at ease with them.

When we regrouped, the group planned a stakeout for the muggers. Orebic and Keila would serve as bait at the docks, and the rest of us would be watching. I’m ashamed to say that I was spotted relatively quickly, I thought the alley was a good enough cover but I guess it really shows that I’m still new to these situations. I had intended to fight, but I found little opportunity to strike any opponent when my allies’ wounds became pressing matter. I started to perform; singing songs traditionally intended to inspire courage. I’d never tell them, but I was singing to steel myself for the battle because even with all I had been taught, I felt inexperienced.

There was a relatively large man – more beard than man, who seemed to cause the most trouble for us. Orebic went into melee with him, keeping him occupied. They exchanged banter to the point where I began to feel mild discomfort from it, like the feeling of being the third wheel on a date. Keila’s magic was impressive, and Aeta was more powerful than what my initial impression of him suggested, the one with black hair seemed to be trained in archery – I wish I had taken up the bow sometimes, I don’t think she’d show me if I asked. When the arduous battle was drawing to a close, we managed to capture the bearded ring leader. Orebic did something unexpected; he crushed the skull of an incapacitated man. Everyone else began to object, I think I was the only one not to, I had mixed feelings about it but it was already done. The criminals were collected by the guard; we were given a substantial reward for our troubles.

Most importantly these people feel like proper companions for the most part, I don’t know if I’m being too enthusiastic about it. Truth be told, I don’t think I’ll be too lonely for a while – I hope I impressed them. It was an entertaining night of drinking.
Coming back to my journal a few hours later, I remember that her name was Lis or Liz, something like that. I guess I won’t have to tell her I forgot her name after all! Unless I have to recall her full name, I’m in trouble then.
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