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Journal of Orebic Underheld
Penned the 16th day of Moradin's Hall

I write this after waking up from perhaps the most long, restful sleep I have enjoyed in a month, and before undertaking the most annoying chore of attempting to don my armor. Normally, I have help donning it from another from the order, but now that I am effectively in a room by myself... I may have to call somebody up. Perhaps the senior Blathin will help.

Yesterday's trials were many, and I feel they were largely accomplished. Unfortunately, not long after meeting with Keila, we witnessed a murder happen right before us. Asked for questioning (and thankfully not considered suspect as my initial misgivings would have predicted), I took it upon myself to serve the city watch as part of my civic duties. I was accompanied by others: a professional hunter of some sort, a singer of songs and stories, and a wee one claiming to have been a cop. Of course, Keila was there too. I suppose this could serve as our proto-adventure.

When apprehending a group of criminals, I was able to quickly eliminate at least one man from the fight, then I was sure to keep the largest and angriest foe's attention directly on myself. I am pained to admit it was a glorious battle, one that would have bestowed great honor upon me if I were to have died. There were no deaths between the two of us, and he was taken alive for questioning. There were deaths, of course. One man died early on, and I delivered the final blow to another before my companions seemed to find it objectionable. Why ending the suffering and slow bleeding of a man who had accosted us as a murderer and thief would be objectionable, I do not know. What I do know is that the order asks of me to adapt to cultures and to remain inoffensive, so long as I may still adhere to my oaths, personal and dutiful.

Also Keila asked me not to do it again. So the war hammer will only meet a standing opponent. Fair enough.

Orebic Underheld
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