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Diary of Keila Blathin

Dear diary.

Today was interesting I guess. I mean it started out normally I woke up and helped around the inn all the usual things. After finishing all my errands I was just about to go for a walk when this dwarf walked in to the inn. He said he had been sent to watch over me. I didn't really get time to tell him to leave me alone because after we'd left he inn a man got stabbed in the middle of the street in broad daylight. During the middle of some celebration or something I dunno, my dad did explain it to me but I wasn't really listening.

We ended up speaking to some of the city guard because we were witnesses and going to speak to a guy who had been attacked and roobed robed by some guys at the docks. So me adn and the dwarf his name is Orebic were thebait while the others hid and we waited for the thigs thugs. So me and the other witnesses, Lisbeth (a half-elf like me but she's taller and more grumpy), Orebic (you know him), Aeta (a halfling who talks like he thinks he's a legendary hero) and Floriano (a half-elf like me who is good at first aid).

So we got in this big fight and I think Lisbeth may have died. I knocked two guys out using that rainbow thing I do and Orebic had a fight with a big guy with a massive beard...then he caved in one of the thugs skulls, which was less cool.

We got paid the most gold I've ever seen in my life by the city guards. Then Aeta asked if there was anywhere I new where we could drink, only because I asked Orebic if he wanted to spend the night at the inn. (He explained his father new my father and his glandfather grandfather new my grandfather).

So I've drunk for the first time and thats why this entry is all scribbly and makes no sense. I think I had two and Orebic said I did well for my size. I still feel dizzy though. I might go to sleep. We were told by the city watch that they may have more work for us so that should be fun. It's almost like an adventure. If only we left the city. Ok diary I'm done writing.


Dear Diary

It's morning, my head hurts and I have no idea what I wrote in you last night.

I'm sorry.

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