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Journal of Lisbeth Rand
Case Notes: A Murder in Broad Daylight.

Another murder case. My skills are wasted on cases like these. The circumstances surrounding this case were, however, unusual enough to pique my interest. Victim was stabbed to death in the middle of a crowded street in broad daylight. An unusual MO for a cut purse and too obvious to be a hired killer. The Target is obviously the killer, who escaped apprehension by running into the crowd.

Personally witnessed the crime, further piquing my interest. Street was too crowded to mount an effective pursuit of the killer, so I waited for the guards to investigate. I volunteered to assist the City Watch in their investigation. Following a brief questioning, myself and a number of other witnesses- this was, after all, a crowded street during the City's largest festival- were sent to investigate an unrelated string of robberies in the docks. I suspect the City Watch's motives in "requesting" our help may be less than noble, and I have no intentions of being their hired thug.

Here is what I managed to determine:
- Killer is a tall, blonde humanoid of indeterminate gender. Had no beard. (Apparently, this is important.)
- Murder weapon was a strange knife, possibly enchanted. Not a military sword, nor was it connected to the case in the docks.

Something doesn't add up. I'm gonna keep investigating. With or without the others.

Case Notes: Robberies in the Docks.

This is a list of things that actually happened today:

1. I died. That was certainly a thing that happened.
2. I and some "amateur enthusiast" thugs-for-hire were sent to investigate a string of robberies in the docks.
3. The group decided to split up and search for clues. I was paired with a Halfling ex-cop named Aeta. We decided to ask around the local taverns for information.
4. Aeta threatened the owner of one such establishment. In his own bar. Surrounded by the man's drunk patrons. Aeta is no longer allowed in taverns.
5. Met a sleazy elf in another tavern who claimed to know something about the attacks. I threw him two silvers to get him talking and he gave me the murder weapon- "discarded" by the attacker. The case started to seem more like a murder case than a robbery. Retrieved the murder weapon and presented it to the City Watch as evidence.
6. We regrouped at the Station. The dwarf had the idea of disguising ourselves and pretending to be the City Watch. This terrible idea lasted until someone politely informed him that the attackers had avoided openly antagonizing the Watch.
7. So we stood out on the docks and waited for a fight. A drunk man with no weapon made us all look like chumps.
8. Also, I died. That was a thing that happened.
9. After a protracted fight, we defeated the drunk and his hired sailors.
10. The Dwarf Paladin caved in an unconscious man's skull because Paladins have no concept of due process. Go team.
11. Then we got paid and the others went to get drunk. Aeta hopefully died in a painful and hilarious way.

Everything sucks and I'm going to sleep. The City Watch think we've solved the case but I think they're hiding something.

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