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Journal of Orebic Underheld
Penned the 14th day of Moradin's Hall

I write this in preparation for the partaking of a journey, the likes of which may potentially lead me around the continent and possibly around the world as well. If I am to return to Yuulg, that is a question to be answered by fate and time alone. So as I write this down, I look around the walls of my old hovel. I suppose I will miss it, but what is missing to a dwarf will surely be in the exact condition he left it upon return.

The stories told to me by my father of Blathin are but in the tone of his voice and not etched in stone, nor marked on parchment. I have only my memory to carry me on this journey - that, and my journal, so that it might help me to recall some detail. They are in Haaft's landing... the first destination of what I am sure will be many. There, I will be meeting a Cayla. Kayla. Keila. I am unsure of how her name is spelled, but I will be meeting her.

I am told many things about her. Too many to write at the moment, but the most outlandish are things that certainly will not be escaping my memory any time soon. She holds within her an ancient power, one that has the potential to be terrifying if not monitored. I have yet to encounter a phenomenon the likes of which I've been informed of, and so I am apprehensive. If she is anything like the older of the Blathin line, however, at the very least I know that the link between the Blathin line and the Underheld clan will continue to be moored in trouble, adventure, and cheating death.

So Moradin help me.

Orebic Underheld
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