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polybius came down the stairs with an aura of manliness around him (Not that that that was unusual, he always had that aura). It was 1 PM, which happended to be the time he ate Breakfast, which usually consisted of a few pints of beer.

The bartender acted completely normal when polybius approached him. polybius was greeted with the usual "Oh god, not him." and the scowl that accompanied it. polybius never knew why he did that; maybe it was because he had been staying at the inn for three years, or maybe it was because polybius frequently hits on his wife and three daughters. The most likely reason however, was that he was racist; he discriminated against anyone who spelled their name with a lowercase first letter.

As the bartender filled the first pint, polybius couldn't help but noticed that a large number of peasants were gathered outside.

"What's going on out there?" polybius asked the man.
"Anna was murdered last night by a werewolf. They think it's someone in here. Probably YOU."

polybius payed no heed to the accusation of this man who wasn't smart enough to worship the ground he walked. The town brought many travellers currently there was, among others, a Frenchman, a Canadian, and even a Pole... but the most suspicious of them all was...

“You! Order of Strife! Why you ask? Well, according to you, you are experienced in werewolf hunting! If you are a werewolf, you are an expert at hiding it, so you could just kill us one by one without us even suspecting you! Well, you can’t fool polybius! I am better than you cou-“

At that point, the policemen decided to knock him out with their battons (like they always do) and polybius blacked out.
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