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A wide grin stretched across Bella’s face as she and the other girls made their toast, lifting their glasses into the air and sipping delicately at the frothing liquid. A bubble caught in her throat as she swallowed, tickling the back of her mouth, and she was forced to choke back the giggle that formed in its wake. She replaced the glass onto the table, gently setting it down atop one of the coasters scattered about its surface before smoothing out the hem of her dress and taking in the wonderful sight of her friends seated before her.

It was just so nice to have them all with her, doing something so simple and yet so much fun. This was what she’d truly miss about high school, she realised. It wouldn’t be studying or doing homework or anything like that. No, it’d be things like hanging out with her friends, enjoying the last few moments of adolescence they’d been afforded. The though that it’d all be gone soon was pretty sad, but for now she was content to enjoy it while it lasted.

She blushed as they sang “Happy Birthday”, her grin widening even further as she abashedly glanced down at her lap. She wasn’t really used to having so much attention gifted to her, even with being an only child. She didn’t mind that at all - preferred it in fact - but it was admittedly nice to have her friends doting on her like this. Their performance was really very nice - far better than Bella thought she’d have done - and once it was over she thought her face would start aching from how much smiling she’d done.

“Thank you,” she said, slight tears of happiness dancing on the corners of her vision. “Thank you so much.”

Someone told her to blow out the candles and to make a wish and she readily complied, tucking away a stray strand of hair as she bent to send the room into darkness once more. A deep breath and a few seconds later and every candle was out in one big burst - leaving Bella gasping for air for a few short seconds. She wasn’t thinking about that, though, or about much else for that matter. The only thing that stayed on her mind was the wish she’d made when she’d extinguished the flames that’d illuminated them all.

Please, can we be friends forever?

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