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Andi watched as Hansel stood to his feet, biting back the urge to stand herself and match his height, but resigned to packing back up what she'd taken from her first aid kit. A wave of anxiety washed over her once he'd retrieved his gun that she tried to little avail to push back down. He'd proven himself to have a trigger finger and there'd always be that part of her that worried he'd change his mind and shoot her where she sat despite their admittedly shaky alliance. Trust had never been her specialty. She'd be stupid to start now.

“You gonna shoot me if I fall asleep?” She asked evenly, adjusting her gaze from her bag to meet his eyes. She didn't wait for a response before continuing.

“Let me hold on to the bullets. I've already proven myself, you do the same.”

Reaching her hand out, she waited, barely able to keep from swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat. Demanding things from someone as unpredictable as Hansel was a risk in and of itself, but she as confident that she showed him enough charity that he'd do the same.

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