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Stephanie stood completely still, burning the memory of her face deep into her mind. She had no weapon on her right now, having foolishly left the rifle behind the counter in the lobby. Out of sight at the very least. Her hand formed a tight grip on the pen, the one that Lana had found not moments before, the last remnant of her friend. At that moment she was more than ready to improvise, to do anything it took if things came down to a confrontation.

Of course, Katarina still had her gun, which she was more than willing to use. Stephanie ducked behind the door the moment she saw the weapon raised, but bullets were faster than an out of shape human. Her mind screamed as the hot lead tore into her right calf, taking every bit of her willpower to not make a noise from the injury. She lay on the ground, her breath escaping in small bursts, trying her best to listen for the other girl, to see if she would come and follow up. Minute after minute passed, and she didn't come. After what felt like an eternity, Stephanie finally rose up, finally letting out a scream as fire shot up her leg from the bullet wound. Tears of grief and frustration sprang from her eyes, part of her refusing to believe how quickly everything had been snatched away.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this. She and Lana were in this together. They were supposed to survive and hope for a rescue, or failing that find some other way. Stephanie knew it was a pipe dream at best, but the last thing she needed to do in that situation was to give up. Hobbling over to Lana's body, she sank to her knees again, not even caring as blood soaked into the fabric of her pants, mingling with her own steady stream of blood. The notebook lay next to her, the pages stained red on the edges. Stephanie picked the book up, holding it tightly. Her stomach twisted at the thought of leaving Lana just out in the middle of the doorway like this, but she knew that she lacked the strength to actually do anything about it. After a moment, Stephanie stood. She needed to leave. It pained her that this was the reality, but there was no other course for her to take.

Stephanie hobbled as quickly as she could, collecting their bags and the rifle. The first thing she would need to do after leaving the building was look at her leg, but right now she just wanted to get as much distance between herself and the scene where everything went to shit. She didn't know how much longer she had to live, but she was going to do her best to make every moment count. Which at that moment meant finding the one who had taken her best friend from her. Clutching the notebook close to her, Stephanie limped forward, one thought dominating her mind.

((Stephanie Chan continued in All Things Come to an End))
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