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((Sorry for the abrupt exit, but danger-zone.))

He knelt on top of her in silence.

When he spoke, his voice cracked and faltered.

"S-shut up and multiply."

Weakness ebbed through him. The shock was fading out as his rational mind returned. He kept staring down into the eyes of the corpse in front of him.

"Shut up and multiply."

More confidence this time. He was able to stand. To wipe the blood from the knife on a clean patch of Jaquilyn's shirt. To face his companions.

"Eliezer Yudkowsky. Rationalist philosopher. It's one of his more famous claims. 'Shut up and multiply.' It's meant to say that every time you face a serious ethical dilemma, you don't moralize. You don't search your feelings. You shut up and multiply, you run the math, and whatever option creates the most good, that's what you do."

Dead eyes stared up at him. He ignored them.

"She didn't feel any guilt about killing Carmina, or Adonis, or Grace. She was just upset that her plan, whatever it was, didn't work. We all heard it. With that attitude, killing again was a statistical certainty. Killing multiple times was probable."

The knife dangled in his hand, before being pulled up into a more solid grip.

"I multiplied. Then I subtracted. That's what we do now. That's how we keep the most people around."

Bella was still on the floor. Matt was staring at him in disbelief. He simply shrugged. "I did what needed to be done. It's not pleasant, it's not easy, and that's good. That means we're still better than them. Hold on to that."

He gestured towards Bianca's bag. "Gather her things, and gather yours if you're still coming with me. I don't think the others are coming after us. It's been too long."

Wordlessly he climbed back up the stairs and arranged his notes into his bag, except for Jaquilyn's. He had something in mind for her's. After making a few alterations, he carried them back downstairs past Bella and Matt and laid them over her face.

Jaquilyn Locke.

Accomplice in the murder of Carmina Maliski.

Accomplice in the murder of Adonis Alba.

Murderer of Grace Faraday.

Unrepentant Killer.


Object lesson.

Learn from her mistakes.

~Garrett Wilde

((Garrett Wilde Continued Prayer For Someone Who Is Somewhere Dying))
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